Our recent research has been posted on the 2016 SKKU Hompage Main - Ultralow Power Complementary Inverter Circuits Using Axially Doped p- and n- channel Si Nanowire Field Effect Transistors
   [Jul 20, 2017] Tiny diamond magnetometer measures electron spin voltage   
   [Jul 20, 2017] Dielectric nanomaterial changes refractive index when heated   
   [Jul 17, 2017] Colloidal metal nanoparticles make Coulomb transistor   
   [Jul 13, 2017] Graphene Flagship experiments explore space applications   
   [Jul 13, 2017] DNA origami delivers shape-shifting nanomachines   
   [Mar 01, 2017] Mr. Muhammad Sabbtain Abbas (PhD) joins NDMPL   
   [Mar 01, 2017] Miss. Najaf Rubab (PhD) joins NDMPL   
   [Mar 01, 2017] Mr. Byeong Kwan Ji (Master/PhD Integrated) j ...   
   [Mar 01, 2017] Mr. Aamir Rashhed (Master/PhD Integrated) jo ...   
   [Feb 15, 2017] Mr. Ji Hoon Kang (PhD) joins NDMPL   

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