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This year we have nearly 30 projects covering a wide range of nanoscience, including facile synthesis of organic and inorganic nanowires and nanostructures, novel fabrication routes, building of functional bioarchitectures, nanostructured devices and nanowire applications. Please browse the menu (hover on a group and click on the project of choice) to view brief overviews of our projects.
Realization of nonvolatile bi-stable switching in electron beam direct written NiO nanostructures
In collaboration with Dr. MSM Saifullah at IMRE, Singapore, we are developing a novel nanofabrication technique based on sol-gel system in combination with an electron beam. This technique enables us to realize functional metal and metal oxide nanostructures. In this project, we are fabricating functional Nickel oxide (NiO) nanostructures for the realization of high density nonvolatile memory devices. We demonstrated that high fidelity NiO nanostructure can be directly written which is an important step to enable full-wafer-level nanofabrication. This study could open up technological opportunities for high-density memory applications.

Electron beam response curve of NiO resist and XRD spectrum of annealed NiO resist

SEM image showing 10nm patterned features and bi-stable resistance switching behavior

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[2] Jang A-Rang, Kim Keunsoo, Yang Hyungwoo, MSM Saifullah, Kang Dae Joon “Realization of nonvolatile bi-stable switching in electron beam direct written NiO nanostructures” The 85th Korean Physical Society, Korea, 2009/ 4.23 - 4.24