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This year we have nearly 30 projects covering a wide range of nanoscience, including facile synthesis of organic and inorganic nanowires and nanostructures, novel fabrication routes, building of functional bioarchitectures, nanostructured devices and nanowire applications. Please browse the menu (hover on a group and click on the project of choice) to view brief overviews of our projects.
We are developing a low temperature laser annealing system for the crystallization of sol-gel based metal oxide systems both in thin film and in patterned nanostructure forms. A sol-gel solution is prepared and spin-coated onto a subtrate of choice and patterned. After the laser beam is scanned over the surface or in a specific pattern, the exposed regions of the films crystallize making the structures functional. With conventional methods, a high temperature annealing step is often required and limits the use of certain substrates such as glass or ITO substrates and the efficient use of energy. Using our laser annealing system, on the other hand, we can easily realize functional metal oxides at relatively low temperature (3000C) over extremely short heat treatment time (in less than a few minutes). We also investigate the effects of different atmospheres during the heat treatment on the functionalization of metal oxides on different substrates.

Raman modes of anatase phase TiO2 on Si after laser annealing at 3000C for 3 minutes