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This year we have nearly 30 projects covering a wide range of nanoscience, including facile synthesis of organic and inorganic nanowires and nanostructures, novel fabrication routes, building of functional bioarchitectures, nanostructured devices and nanowire applications. Please browse the menu (hover on a group and click on the project of choice) to view brief overviews of our projects.
Photocatalytic Properties of MoO3 and Cu doped MoO3 nanowires under UV and Visible Light
We successfully synthesized the MoO3 and Cu doped MoO3 nanowires by using hydrothermal method. The photodegradation of toluidine blue “O” dye by using MoO3 and Cu doped MoO3 nanowires under UV and visible light is investigated. The major absorption peak of the toluidine blue “O” was recorded at 590 nm. It was found that the increase in exposure time causes the gradual decrease in the peak. The optical transmittance of MoO3 nanowires was found greater than 80% in the visible region. The photocatalytic activity experiment showed that the Cu doped MoO3 nanowires exhibited a higher photocatalytic activity and durability for the photocatalytic decolonization of toluidine blue “O” aqueous solution under the UV and visible light illumination than MoO3 nanowires. The doping of Cu in MoO3 enhanced the photocatalytic activity by promoting the charge separation and delocalization of photogenerated electrons and holes.

Photocatalysis of MoO3 nanowires on degradation of toluidine blue O under UV-vis light irradiation