Muhammad Zubair

Department of Physics
Sungkyunkwan University
2066, Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 16419, Republic of KOREA

❖ Education

✔ M.Phil. in Chemistry, Quaid-i-azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

✔ M.S in Chemistry, Quaid-i-azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

✔ B.S in Chemistry, Quaid-i-azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

❖ Research Interests

✔ Functional materials for energy harvesting and storage devices

❖ Publication

1. Irfan Ullah, Ali Haider, Nasir Khalid, Saqib Ali, Sajjad Ahmed, Yaqoob Khan, Nisar Ahmed, Muhammad Zubair
Tuning the band gap of TiO2 by tungsten doping for efficient UV and visible photodegradation of Congo red dye
(2018) Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 204 (2018), pp. 150-157

2. K. Ullah, M. Sirajuddin, Muhammad Zubair, A. Haider, S. Ali, F. Ullah, G. Dutkiewicz, M. Kubicki, C. Rozzili
Designing of homo and heteroleptic zinc (II) carboxylates: synthesis, spectroscopic characterizations, DNA binding study, CTAB interaction and in vitro antimicrobial
(2019) Iranian Chemical Society 16 (6) (2019) 1163-1177

3. Muhammad Zubair, M. Sirajuddin, K. Ullah, A. Haider, F. Perveen, I. Hussain, S. Ali, M.N. Tahir
Synthesis, structural peculiarities, theoretical study and biological evaluation of newly designed O-Vanillin based azomethines
(2020) Molecular Structure 1205 (2020) 127574

4. Irfan Ullah, Akhtar Munir, Shoaib Muhammad, Saqib Ali, Nasir Khalid, Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Sirajuddin, Syed Zajif Hussain, Sajjad Ahmed, Yaqoob Khan, Irshad Hussain, Ali Haider
Influence of W-doping on the optical and electrical properties of SnO2 towards photocatalytic detoxification and electrocatalytic water splitting
(2020) Alloys and Compounds 827 (2020) 154247

5. N. Uddin, F. Rashid, S. Ali, S.A. Tirmizi, I. Ahmad, S. Zaib, Muhammad Zubair, P.L. Diaconescu, M.N. Tahir, J. Iqbal
Synthesis, characterization, and anticancer activity of Schiff bases
(2020) Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 38 (2020) 3246-3259

6. Muhammad Zubair, M. Sirajuddin, A. Haider, I. Hussain, M.N. Tahir
Organotin (IV) Complexes as Catalyst for Biodiesel Formation: Synthesis, Structural Elucidation and Computational Studies
(2020)Applied Organometallic Chemistry 34 (2020) e5305

7. Mehwish Tahir, Muhammad Sirajuddin, Muhammad Zubair, Ali Haider, Akhtar Nadman, Saqib Ali,Fouzia Perveen, Haris Bin Tanveer, Muhammad Nawaz Tahir
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8. Humaira Naureen, Rehman Zafar, Muhammad Zubair, Khadija Shahid, Muhammad Saeed Jan, Samar Akhtar, Hammad Ahmad, Wajeeha Waseem, Ali Haider, Saqib Ali, Muhammad Tariq, Abdul Sadiq
Prospective Application of Two New Pyridine-Based Zinc (II) Amide Carboxylate in Management of Alzheimer's Disease: Synthesis, Characterization, Computational and in vitro Approaches
(2021)Drug Design, Development and Therapy 15 (2021) 2679-2694

9. Irsa Tariq, Muhammad Adeel Asghar, Abid Ali, Amin Badshah, Syed Mustansar Abbas, Waheed Iqbal, Muhammad Zubair, Ali Haider, Shahid Zaman
Surface Reconstruction of Cobalt-Based Polyoxometalate and CNT Fiber Composite for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
(2021)Catalysts 12 (10) (2022), 1242

10. Ruqia, Muhammad Adeel Asghar, Sana Ibadat, Saghir Abbas, Talha Nisar, Veit Wagner, Muhammad Zubair, Irfan Ullah, Saqib Ali, and Ali Haider
Binder-Free Fabrication of Prussian Blue Analogues Based Electrocatalyst for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation
(2022)Molecules 27 (19) (2022), 6396

11. Nousheen Mustafa, Muhammad Zubair, Noor Uddin, Saqib Ali1, Ali Haider1, and Amin Badshah
Catalytic Conversion of Castor Oil into Biodiesel by Tri-organotin(IV) Catalysts: Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Characterization with Theoretical Support
(2023)Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences: B Life and Environmental Sciences 60(2): 225-232 (2023)

12. Irfan Ullah, Roheen Saeed, Abid Inayat, Muhammad Zubair, Xianyong Wu, Hatice Duran, Ali Haider, Michael A Pope, Irshad Hussain
Continuous conducting architecture developed by supporting Prussian blue analogue on metal-organic framework derived carbon-doped manganese- oxide nanorods for high-performance sodium-ion batteries
(2023)Alloys and Compounds 964 (2023), 171223